Meteor Slider

Here’s an experiment in using the Meteor Slider plug-in.

This slider can be placed within text, with the text wrapping around it, or it can be centered or right-aligned.

This slider was given a specified width of 400px. The actual width of the pictures ranges from 281px to 1280px. The pictures are shown below to illustrate how they vary.

For a nice slideshow, it would probably be good to make all of the photos the same size before adding them to the slideshow.

1280 x 960 281 x 205 610 x 410 400 x 320

Many different transitions are possible with this slider.

The slider includes the ability to hot-link the images.

It’s theoretically possible to have more than one of these slideshows on a website — or on an individual page — but I have not yet succeeded in getting that to function.

More information about this plug-in…